During the dark ages,A man called (kodjo) and his son(tosun) migrate from their birth home town called(ighoma)to (aneho).On getting to the town,kodjo decided to seek evil magical power from evil spirit,to know the use of various leafs and roots in the bush on a magical way and herbal medicines.both the good and bad side of its uses,The evil spirit granted kodjo request on conditional basis,that whatever the evil spirit demanded from kodjo in terms of sacrifice,he will gave it to them without delay,kodjo accepted and agreed the evil spirit conditions,the evil spirit gave kodjo the evils power,the power is so much that kodjo can used it on any magical aspect,instead of kodjo to be using the evil spirit power on favorable and advantageous side,he started using it to wicked people,s in the community,kodjo started using the citizens in the community as a sacrifice in return for the evil spirit,due to what they agreed on initially,kodjo only used the power to assist and uplift his only one son to a better position.The bad and evil character of kodjo has been going on for a long time,to the extent that the king and the chief in town continue to panic,likewise the citizens in the community,nobody can challenge him,one day the king of aneho town summon town meeting,the outcome of the meeting is to expel kodjo out of their town back to his home birth town called ighoma,when kodjo arrived back to his birth home town,he continued his evil ambition,to the extent of killing the king and his two daughters of his home town.stepping on many peoples toes,nobody can challenge him.the only man who is the head of town warriors tried to challenge kodjo.kodjo killed him with the evil power.the town chiefs summon meeting,the outcome of their meeting is,to find the residential location of kodjo only son,in which they got it through direction from some people,they offered his son township youth leader post and he day kodjo was summoned to township youth meeting,which his son is the leader.the meeting based on land dispute,which kodjo sold out with his evil power,in the meeting ,his son challenge him to return the land sales money back to the owner,kodjo refused.and he decided to use magical power to kill his only son wife with pregnant,his son tried to revenge,but,his father has much power than him.One day the evil spirit came to kodjo,asked him to used his only son as sacrifice for him,as usual,kodjo refused,and the evil spirit killed kodjo for his son replacement base on their agreement,kodjo burn to ashes,town peoples started rejoicing,kodjo reap the evil he has been sowing for so long.