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once upon a time,during the dark ages,there is a town called [mgboko] in west Africa.there are two close friends moving together,one is gamgbeji by name and other one is ganjuma,one day, they are together,debating on marriage issues,because gamgbeji is about to marry a girl called onomhe,a daughter of the most wealthy man in mgboko town,due to gamgbeji wedding preparation ,ganjuma advise gamgbeji on how everything will go on smoothly on his wedding day,gamgbeji replied,saying that,to marry a wife is not as demanding as to take good care of her.gamgbeji has been broadcasting to peoples in the town that he wanted to marry onomhe,the daughter of the most wealthy man in their town,meanwhile,gamgbeji has no single penny in his pocket,but he has a lost minded mission in his mind,ganjuma asked him that how is he going to do it?when there is no money with gamgbeji ,gamgbeji replied him that ,he will…

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