once upon a time,during the dark ages,there is a town called [mgboko] in west Africa.there are two close friends moving together,one is gamgbeji by name and other one is ganjuma,one day, they are together,debating on marriage issues,because gamgbeji is about to marry a girl called onomhe,a daughter of the most wealthy man in mgboko town,due to gamgbeji wedding preparation ,ganjuma advise gamgbeji on how everything will go on smoothly on his wedding day,gamgbeji replied,saying that,to marry a wife is not as demanding as to take good care of her.gamgbeji has been broadcasting to peoples in the town that he wanted to marry onomhe,the daughter of the most wealthy man in their town,meanwhile,gamgbeji has no single penny in his pocket,but he has a lost minded mission in his mind,ganjuma asked him that how is he going to do it?when there is no money with gamgbeji ,gamgbeji replied him that ,he will sell living house property his father left behind for him before is father,s death,because,there is task ahead for him to fullfilled from onomhe parents in terms of bride payments ,which is huge amount of day,gamgbeji went to seek advise from the only elderly woman that still remain alive in their families,[mama damgbora] by her name,she gave gamgbeji advise not to sold his future property,that nobody knows tomorrow,but,gamgbeji refused her advised [the dog that is going lost in the bush will never listen to hunters trumpet] gamgbeji sold the house,used the money on his bride price,gamgbeji mind is that ,so far ,her wife is a daughter of rich man in their town,the wealth of that man will be generated to him through her wife,not knowing that man proposed,God disposed .during gamgbeji wedding party,a drummer started beating drums in proverbial way that,whoever refused an elderly advise,we shall see his end,after the marriage ,gamgbeji and onomhe are living fine,onomhe father gave them new house to live,horse,big farms,because farm business is the most profitable business in mgboko town then,he gave them huge amount of money,gamgbeji started living like a king.not so long,sudden death came after onomhe,her parents decided to pursue gamgbeji out of the house they gave them when their daughter was alive,because,no child birth involved in between gamgbeji and onomhe ,they took their big farm land and the huge amount of money from gamgbeji hand,gamgbeji has no place to stayed ,because he has sold the only future property he has at hand then simply because of his inner eyes that was blinded,forgetting that not all things glitters were gold.because of gamgbeji shameful character ,gamgbeji decided to poison himself to death,that was the end of gamgbeji live.

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